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Our company is dedicated to integrating technology and entertainment, and providing consumers with a new and exciting entertainment experience. Through continuous research and development, we have successfully created a range of funny toy RC drones. These drones have precise flight control and come equipped with clear cameras that enable users to capture amazing aerial photography and enjoy the fun of high-tech entertainment.

In the future, we will continue to maintain our innovative spirit and strive to bring more fun, creativity, and surprises to consumers worldwide.

ABout US

Shantou Tianyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, the largest toy production base in China. Founded in 2009, Company is a professional toy drone manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Its products cover aerial photography drones, GPS RC drone, toy remote control drones, remote control aircraft, RC quadcopter, RC motorcycle. Since its establishment,company has been adhering to the concept of quality first and service first, and is committed to independent research and development of products, strict production procedures and quality control. There are 6 experienced and dedicated engineers in the field of toy drones, 5 quality engineers, own factory 4,500 square meters, and warehouse 1,500 square meters.

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For inquiries about GPS RC drone, RC quadcopter or RC motorcycle, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Q1. How to do positioning for rc drone?

There are main two ways. Flight flow and GPS. But GPS mainly for outdoor photography using.

Q2.In the rc toy helicopter industry, what motor is the best?

Motor brushless 1806 is the best in rc toy helicoper recently.

Q3.RC aircraft with flight flow camera comparing to rc drone with double camera, which is more expensive.?

Generally, flight flow camera is some more expensive than double cameras.But in some conditions, it depends on the program.

Q4. RC drones without cameras only be can controlled by remote control?

Except remote control, rc aircraft can also be designed under watch control.

Q5.Do rc helicopters with WIFI must be with a camera?

Yes, with wifi, must be with a camera to accomplish the function.

Q6.What is the water-drop remote control?

There are several rc drones which are controlled by water-drop remote controller. Appearance design looks like water-drop. It works through infrared emitter, ultrasonic up and down. Only built-in button battery, works for 1year. Control the function of one-key take off and one key landing within range of 10m.

Q7.For sensing rc helicopter, how long is the sensing distance?

Generally, sensing distance is 30-35m around.

Q8.For rc plane, what is 2channels and what is 3.5channels?

2channel rc plane is the rc plane that only have functions of turn left and right,forward but without backward. Can not do speed adjustment. While 3.5channels is the rc plane with functions of turn left and right,forward and with backward.

Q9. The rc aircraft with camera, all have APP control and photography functions?


Q10. What is the FPV real time photography for rc drone?

It refers to the real-time shooting and transmission of video images through the camera of the rc drone, allowing the pilot to fly from the perspective of the robot.

Q11.What is stuck function of rc drone?

It refer to when rc drone hit something or people, propellers will stop to protect, to avoid hurt people or something.

Q12.What is the low voltage reminder and low voltage protection of rc aircraft?

It refer to when battery power is under 20%, rc drone will tweet and remind and then return to stop fly.

Q13. When remote controller control the rc drone VS app control the rc drone, which is longer?

Remote controller controller longer distance.
Q14.What is 7.6V battery, and what is the advantages of the 7.6V battery of rc drone.
7.6V battery is the connection of 2pcs of 3.7v batteries. 7.6V battery is more powerful. It usually used on outdoor high-end GPS rc drone.

Q15.What is 6-axis gyroscope rc drone and what is 4-axis rc drone?

6-axis gyroscope rc drone refers to the rc drone with functions of forward and backward, turn left and turn right,up and down, left side and right side. 4-axis rc drone refers to rc drone with 4 propellers.

Q16.Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer with our own factory located in Shantou city which is the biggest toy rc drone manufactures base. And sales center locates in shenzhen.

Q17.What is your MOQ for the rc aircrafts?

If OBM(Our brand), MOQ is 100pcs, while if OEM, it depends on your detailed demand, MOQ from 500-2000PCS.

Q18. How long is the guarantee time of rc helicopter?

Generally, guarantee period of rc drone is 1year.

Q19.What about the after-sales service?

If there are defective rc drones within one year, we can arrange new rc aircrafts to replace or return payment.

Q20.What is the lead time for the toy drones?

If our brand, lead time is 7-30days, when there are inventory, we can arrange shipment soon upon receiving payment. While if for OEM, lead time is 30days around after MP sample were confirmed.

Q21.How to delivery the rc drones?

We can arrange by air, couriers, or by sea according to your request. Also we can do door to door delivery for the rc aircrafts.

Q22.What service do you do for toy helicopters?

We can do OBM and OEM project for the toy helicopter.

Q23.How many countries do you export to for the rc aircraft?

We export to more than 30 countries and regions including US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy,UK, Spain, Turkey,Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Peru, etc.

Q24.Do you customize package of rc drones?

Yes, package customization, also also logo customization and other requests.

Q25.What types of drones do you produce?

We produce aerial photography drones, toy remote control drones, remote control aircraft, sensing aircraft and other aircrafts.

Q26.What is the payment term for the rc drones?

Generally, we do 30% deposit and 70% after production finished before shipment.

Q27. Where do you ship from?

Generally, we ship from Yantian port shenzhen city. But also, we can arrange base on your request.

Q28. How can I get the quotation sheet of the rc drones?

Please contact us by email or call us through contact us information shows in the website.

Q29.How to get the catalog or rc drone?

Please refer to the download column to get the catalog and rc drone video directly or contact us through contact us information shows in the website.

Q30. What qualification or certification do you have of the toy drones?

We have certificates of CE, RoHS, FCC, SGS, GCC,ASTM,CPC ect.

Q31.Do you have patent of drones?

Yes,we have nearly 30 rc drones with appearance patent on sale.

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