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How to play rc drones at low cost


The emergence of rc drones as a new thing, maybe everyone knows about it, but there are many people watching it, and there are many fewer people who have to pay for it. After all, they are worried about buying such an expensive rc drone suddenly. If rc drone crashes because of manipulating things, the loss will be great, so everyone hopes to have some cheap rc drones to practice their hands, and choose to continue to change to more advanced rc drones when they are proficient.

Unmanned aerial vehicle within 500g

When it comes to cheap rc drones, there must be remote-controlled rc drone toys that you can see in roadside toy shops and other places. With four-axis structure and light weight, this kind of small toy aircraft is basically unmanned. The auxiliary functions of the rc aircraft are removed, and only the power system and remote control system are retained. In terms of control, GPS, visual stabilization system, and other auxiliary functions are not supported. From the moment of take-off, rc aircraft will drift in directions such as left, right, front, back, up, and down. So if you want to just buy it for practice, that’s right, the real pure manual flight mode, after controlling it, your flying skills will be greatly improved.

Many parents will buy this type of small toy plane for children to play with, so that children can have fun. Here I suggest using small rc toys with propeller protection rings, which can protect the propeller from hitting people on the horizontal plane. There are also some drone toys that are a little more expensive. They are equipped with video cameras that can take photos and videos, but they do not support real-time image transmission. It is still possible to record some flight angles and use it for selfies.

Selfie mini four-axis rc drone, the size of a pocket, although it cannot fly long distances, but the weight is less than 500g, buying a fully functional integrated rc drone can meet the needs of selfies, and it is not too expensive. It is a pretty good choice.

Drone rental

If you feel that buying a rc drone will not be used too frequently, and you only need to take it with you when you travel occasionally, then choosing rc drone rental is also a good choice.

Used drone

In some second-hand sales platforms, there are also many rc drone players who will upgrade their rc drones, or sell them off, so they will sell rc drones, and there will be very big discounts in terms of price , but there is also a certain risk. RC drones that "explode" or "swim" (fall) will also be hidden in it, but generally after a failure, the appearance of rc drone will be more or less left behind. Traces, some particularly cheap rc drones, you should be careful about this factor.

There are many solutions for low-cost rc drones, including mini rc drone toys, selfie rc drones, assembled rc drones, and second-hand rc aircraft, all of which can satisfy our curiosity about rc drones .

Using money to pay for hobbies, expensive toys for middle-aged people are becoming a good business

The selling point of toys can never escape the experience of pleasing oneself. Children's love for toys is more due to their instinctive habit of exploring the world. Adults who have been immersed in the East Asian cultural circle and high-pressure society for a long time have no less needs for self-pleasure and psychological massage than children.

In times of economic downturn, pleasing yourself has become one of the important ways to resist social pressure. Just like the famous "lipstick effect", the more the economy goes down, the more highly available products that can provide instant gratification sell better.

A group of middle-aged men who love flashlights, fishing supplies, and drones are writing the male version of Lipstick Effect. However, this group of middle-aged men has higher spending power, and their "toys" are also more expensive. Behind the rise of expensive toys is a huge market full of imagination.

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